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Mr. Hoo has been providing musical enrichment for many local preschools and day care centers since 2010.  In 2011, he brought his music program to Oregon Children's Theatre.  You can have him come to your school, whether it's for a special event or weekly music sessions, or something in between, Mr. Hoo has a program for you.  He can provide entertainment, teach the kids songs, get them up and moving around, teach them some basic rhythm (and help them learn how to make music without intruments) and always make them laugh.  He'll play some guitar, maybe some ukulele, and his crazy kazoo contraption, the wazoo.  And his favorite program is making a CD of the kids singing.  See below for more information.


To find out more about having Mr. Hoo come to your school, call or email.



Make a Class CD!
  • Fun, Affordable Music Program with a Professional Children's Musician

  • Mr. Hoo records the kids singing, and makes a CD

  • The kids get to help design the CD cover

  • Every family, and the school, gets a copy of the CD


Here's how it works:


Mr. Hoo comes in weekly (or more often) for ½ hour sessions where he plays guitar and sings with the kids. They'll sing some traditional songs and some of Mr. Hoo's original songs. During these weekly sessions, Mr. Hoo make recordings with his portable, high quality recorder. At the end of the weekly sessions, he takes the recordings and turns them into a CD of 6 – 8 songs featuring the kids singing.  During this time, the kids also help design a CD cover, take some pictures to include on the back, and make a CD. It's a lot of fun for the kids, they get to sing and learn new songs with a professional children's musician and the family (and school) gets a wonderful keepsake.  Here are some quotes about the experience from some parents:


"(My son) loves hearing himself on the CD.  He sings along and has been teaching his 2 year old brother the songs too!"

"(My son) enjoys listening to it all the time and sharing it with everyone so they can hear."

"(My son) is so proud of himself!  And it is a great keepsake."


See and here samples from Mr. Hoo's recording project at MAC Preschool in West Linn from Spring 2014 over to the right.


For more scheduling and more information, email or call:


Metamorphosis (Caterpillar Song) - MAC Preschool Singers
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Peace Like a River - MAC Preschool Singers
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/Teddy Bear Song - MAC Preschool Singers
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