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Ukulele and Guitar Lessons

Are you or your little one a budding rock star?  Or do you just want to learn how to play some songs on the guitar or ukulele?  Mr. Hoo teaches introductory guitar and ukulele lessons for all age levels.  Lessons are tailored to the individual, and kept fun (especially for the kids).  Mr. Hoo normally starts younger kids on the ukulele (starting around age 5), with guitar or ukulele for older kids (7 or 8, depending on the child) and adults.  Mr. Hoo does not do formal vocal lessons, but if you want to learn how to sing and play, Mr. Hoo can help you with that.  Mr. Hoo does lessons in your home. For more info, email or call.



Mr. Hoo and his student, Quinn

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Fun music for kids and their grown-ups

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