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Mr. Hoo released his debut solo CD, Metamorphosis, in September 2013.  It would have been released a month sooner, but he wrote this song, It's True, in August, and decided to record it for the CD.  One of the nicest compliments Mr. Hoo ever received was when someone asked him if this song was written by Pete Seeger.  He plays It's True at most of his solo shows.

Mr. Hoo and his buddy, Mr. E, formed The Alphabeticians in 2010.  Pants! is their 3rd CD.  It says all songs written by The Alphabeticians, but Mr. E writes most of the songs.  This song, It, is one of Mr. Hoo's.  Just about everyone has been "it" at one point, it's kind of fun!

The Alphabeticians 2nd CD, Junior, was released in June 2012.  Mr. Hoo's song, Wotchado, appears on both this album and his solo CD.  Mr. E adds some great harmony guitar to this version.  "Wotchado" is a made up word that means "what you do".

In December 2010, The Alphabeticians released their first CD, Rock.  This song, Monkey on my Shirt, was written by Mr. Hoo and Mr. E, and has been a staple of Alphabeticians and Mr. Hoo shows for years.  A different version of this song is on Metamorphosis.  And now, Mr. Hoo performs it with his invisible band!

Copies of Metamorphosis are currently only available at Mr. Hoo and Alphabeticians shows.  The CD contains 3 songs that are not on the digital version.  The Alphabeticians CDs are available at shows as well.

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